Pictured Left to Right: Paul Kingston – Nannen Arboretum Society, Joe Wright – EVGV Trail Committee, Pat Kerl – Nannen Arboretum Society, Matt McAndrew – Town of Ellicottville Supervisor & EVGV Trail Committee

Trail Head, Signage, Donations & Drone Footage Demonstrate Recent Activity
by Joe Wright

If you haven’t visited the Nannen Arboretum or the Town Center on Fillmore Ave. of late, you might want to check out what’s happening as the month of September has been a busy one for the EVGV Trail and its committee.

Standing adjacent to the Nannen Arborteum, Ellicottville residents and tourists will now see the newly constructed EVGV trail head for the Town Center portion of the trail. A special thank you to Terry Fuller’s students from the Carpentry and Construction Trades program from the BOCES Center at Ellicottville for their hard work in building the entrance for the trail that will extend east down to Tim Horton’s. Preliminary excavation could begin later this Fall with the bulk of the construction to begin Spring 2018. The EVGV Trail Committee is always looking for any in-kind help from area construction contractors, excavators, as well as materials to help with construction of this project. Signage for the new trail head was generously provided by Jane Eshbaugh and Holiday Valley.

On Friday, September 22nd, members of the EVGV Trail Committee (see picture above) presented a check to the Nannen Arboretum Society in the amount of $843.19 representing 25% of the proceeds from the EVGV Trail’s First Annual Ham and Turkey raffle held in June at the American Legion Post in Ellicottville.

Lastly, a small portion of the Town Center trail has been staked-out and is already walkable down to roughly the Glen Burn Trail property. On September 15th, Spencer Timkey donated his photographic talents and drone to help give the community an over-head glimpse of this first portion of the trail network. The drone footage is absolutely breathtaking. To see more of this footage, go to the EVGV Trail Facebook page.

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EVGV Trail & Arboretum Ham & Turkey Raffle a Success


EVGV Trail Committee Says Thank You to the Community

By Jennie Acklin and Amy DeTine

The first annual Ham & Turkey Raffle event was held on Sunday, June 4, 2017 at the Ellicottville American Legion on Maples Road.

Inspired by Matt McAndrew from his own work on a separate raffle organized by Holy Name of Mary’s Usher Club, the EVGV Trail committee decided to host their own event.  They teamed up with the volunteer group that oversees the care of the Nannen Arboretum, offering to donate  25 percent of the net profit on the raffle and event to them.

The event consisted of pre-sale tickets for $20, and included a ham and turkey raffle with additional ticket sales, a 50/50 raffle, and numerous door prizes solicited and donated by the Arboretum volunteers.

The committee and Arboretum volunteers sold a large percentage of the raffle tickets right out of the gate, and a large number were also sold on the day of the event. An abundance of door prizes and raffle items were solicited and donated by the Nannen Arboretum Society Committee and volunteers.  Cheri Reed, Pat Kerl, Nan Miller, Maggie Smith, Suee Blesy, Charlie Jaremko, Paul Kingston, Penny Lipps, Linda and Jeff Davis showed up in force to help at the event.

With help from Dale Dunkleman of the American Legion, (who donated the Legion hall, soft drinks, water, and serving supplies) , Butch Pearl volunteered his experience and sense of humor to MC the event. Jim Dunkleman delivered and provided the hams and steaks at cost.

Ushers from Holy Name of Mary volunteered their Sunday to help organize and run the actual event – a huge shout out to Matt McAndrew, Paul Timkey, Bob O’Brien, and Norbert Schmidt.

Although the turnout was light, the people that attended were all in! They participated faithfully in each spin of the wheel, and many groups needed help loading up the “booty” at the end of the day. The event was a great success for the first time out of the gate, and all involved agreed that it can be much bigger and more successful next year.

Thank you to our community for supporting the Trail

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Thank You Ken Brown 700 Club


A special thanks to the Ken Brown 700 Club here in Ellicottville for ANOTHER donation dedicated to the EVGV Trail. To date, this group of local super seniors have donated $5,100 to the Trail project.
The group is dedicated to generosity and good humored fun in the name of Ken Brown who passed away in 2012. To read more about the Ken Brown Club, check out link below.



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2016 Holiday Valley Promo Booklets Now Available – Proceeds to Benefit EVGV Trail


10-9-15HV_TRAILpromo booklet POS-1

A special thanks to Jane Eshbaugh and Steve Carney at Holiday Valley and Jennie Acklin at Keystone Designers for putting together this Holiday Promotional Booklet. Cost is $25 and proceeds go to help launch the EVGV Trail next Spring. Chock full of discounts at Holiday Valley, total savings totally over $900 for: Double Black Diamond Golf, John Harvard’s, Sky High Adventure and more.

If in Ellicottville, you can purchase these booklets at the following locations:

Mud, Sweat & Gears
Holiday Valley Resort Services
Ellicottville Times

You can also purchase these booklets via phone with a credit card and we’ll mail the booklet to you. Simply call Joe Wright at 716-984-5673 to order your booklet and we’ll ship to you. These booklets make great Xmas stocking stuffers for Holiday Valley enthusiasts!

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EVGV Trail


Thanksgiving-Hike_web DSC_2169_web

The time is now Ellicottville – Great Valley! After three years of planning, hard work and preparation, the EVGV Trail Committee is looking to start excavation plans to introduce an introductory portion of the EVGV Trail to the Greater Ellicottville community. 2015 has been, and will continue to be, an active and eventful year for the EVGV Trail. Momentum behind continues to grow, requiring more volunteer and financial contributions from the Ellicottville – Great Valley community. Help us make make this 15-mile network of multi-use trails a reality as we strive to develop additional outdoor recreational activity in the region, improve health and wellness and provide a low-cost transportation alternative.

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